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Why Facelover?


It is a luxurious treat for your face.  A washer that LOVES your face.


FACELOVER gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin. It stimulates circulation and boosts your skin's natural renewal cycle, giving your skin a brighter, fresher and younger-looking complexion.  


FACELOVER can be used with or without cleanser to remove make-up and impurities. Soak your FACELOVER in warm water then softly massage your face with the FACELOVER. 


What sets FACELOVER apart from other muslin washers is that it's made with eight layers of soft, finely woven, high quality Bamboo Muslin.



I started to use Muslin Skin Care Washers back in 2000. It was like finding a personal facialist that I could go to every morning and night. Unfortunately the cloths I found were not very soft and they never lasted long.


After trial and error, I discovered Bamboo Muslin, it left my skin feeling soft, clean and glowing. By combining eight layers together, I now had a washer that both retained the softness and lasted a long time. My friends noticed how lovely my skin looked and began asking me to make them a FACELOVER.


FACELOVER, the washer that loves your face, was born!

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