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  • A luxurious treat for your face. 
    A washer that LOVES your face.
    FACELOVER is made with eight layers of soft, finely woven high quality bamboo muslin, chosen for its reported antibacterial properties.

    FACELOVER can be used with or without cleanser to remove make-up and impurities. Soak your FACELOVER in warm water then softly massage the skin with FACELOVER. FACELOVER stimulates circulation and boosts your skin's natural renewal cycle, giving your skin a brighter, fresher and younger-looking complexion and leaving new cells on the surface that absorb product more effectively.
    We recommend a clean FACELOVER every day.

    Wash your FACELOVER before first use. It will become softer and softer after every wash. After washing, shake FACELOVER to separate the muslin layers, then hang to dry in the sun. FACELOVER is machine washable and can be tumble dried. A slight shrinkage will occur.

    Suitable for sensitive skins (use only once a day).

    FACELOVER Muslin Wash Cloth

    • Your FACELOVER is different to most face washers because it is made with eight layers of soft, finely woven white Bamboo Muslin. This makes it softer and longer lasting.

      Featuring a convenient satin ribbon hook.

      Your FACELOVER comes with a waterproof pouch so they can travel with you.

      FACELOVER Cloths are approximately 300 x 300mm - if tumble dried they will shrink to approximately 280 x 280mm.

      Some irregularities and imperfections may occur due to FACELOVER being made with 100% natural fibres.

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